Ceramic Coated Copper Muffin Pan 12 Cup

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  • PERFECTLY EVEN BAKING: Get perfect results every time you bake! Copper infused bakeware ensures even heat distribution for perfectly baked cupcakes in this 12 cup large muffin baking sheet.
  • NON-STICK COATING: Watch your muffins and baked goods quickly slide right out with ease thanks to the premium ceramic coating which offers the ultimate in non stick quality and performance.
  • HEAVY DUTY BAKEWARE: Made from strong ceramic coated copper, our durable muffin pan is built to last for years. Better yet, it does not let off copper or any other taste or substance into your food.
  • PTFE/PFOA FREE: Bake with peace of mind, our bakeware is 100% food safe and nontoxic. Not only do they bake great, our PTFE/PFOA free products are perfectly safe for your kids and family.
  • FAST AND EASY CLEAN UP: Keep your muffin pan completely clean and spotless for the next batch – easy to clean and dishwasher safe material gives you a worry free baking experience every time.

Turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise with Bovado USA. Premium cooking and baking equipment is a ready and available for you to create and enjoy delicious treats. With our Ceramic Copper 12 Cup Muffin Pan, you are well on your way to producing evenly baked, perfectly savory desserts for the whole family.


Durable Ceramic Coated Copper Material
PTFE/PFOA Free – 100% Food Safe
Heavy Gauge to Evenly Bake
Premium Non-Stick Coating for Quick Release
Easy Clean Up/Dishwasher Safe
12 Muffin Cups


Transform your average ordinary kitchen set up into a masterful cooking arena that will have you creating delectable meals, dishes, and desserts with the utmost confidence. With Bovado USA, you’re getting the highest quality materials to create your favorites for you and your family to savor. Our 12 Muffin Cup Pan, you’ll be cooking like a professional! The pan is made out of a high grade ceramic copper that is both durable and oven safe for all your baking needs. It’s made to last so you can rest assured that you are getting a life lasting product that will create scrumptious sweets for many years. The non-stick coating makes it so your muffins or cupcakes can be removed from without any hassle or damages. The perfect treat making pan you will ever need!


Nowadays, there are so many products available to us and very few of them are actually safe for us to use. Here at Bovado USA, we guarantee our products are completely PFOA/PFTE free so there will be no short term or long term toxins in your food ever. Create wonderfully tasteful and edible treats for everyone with Bovado USA and unleash your true cooking potential!

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